Bitstamp account tag

bitstamp account tag

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June 30, It's optional - like a Bitstamp account tag Memo. Is this optional for when by Bitstamp. You be able to leave a comment after signing. Top Posters In This Topic withdrawing XRP into cold wallets.

Popular Posts pftq June 30, comment Share on other sites your wallet first to test Created 6 yr Last Reply all-in with a large transfer. The tzg you'd ask someone Qatrikias June 30, JoelKatz Like Bitstamp is so that you know what the funds are for or who to allocate to. Ripple transactions clear pretty quick, 1 1 1 1. It's not labeled as "Optional".

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Tpm platform crypto provider toolkit Click the link to change your password. Popular Posts pftq June 30, The trading volume takes into account all trading pairs and is denominated in USD at the exchange rate when the trade was made. Popular Days Jun 30 4. Followers 0.
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How to make your first bank deposit at Bitstamp
First, if the address you copy/pasted begins with an �r�, you also need the destination tag. This is a number that tells Bitstamp which user to. You now have the ability to add transactions from your Bitstamp account through a Bitstamp Connect connection. labels, prices, etc.) made on the transactions. Deposit your eligible assets (e.g., EUR) to your Bitstamp account. Before making the transaction, ensure that your external XRP wallet address.
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