Crypto ?? require modern tls

crypto ?? require modern tls

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We highly recommend for developers. For more information about TLS. Integrating your application or service.

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SSL, TLS, HTTPS Explained
TLS requires clunky countermeasures for attacks against CBC cipher suites. All modern browsers removed support for TLS and TLS in. Modern: Modern clients that support TLS , with no need for backwards compatibility; Intermediate: Recommended configuration for a general. And TLS was an effective cryptographic protocol for several years. But as with all of the previous protocols, it eventually became outdated.
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  • crypto ?? require modern tls
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Intel Security: Advanced Threat Research. A study found that "HTTPS interception has become startlingly widespread, and that interception products as a class have a dramatically negative impact on connection security". The attack does not rely on installing malware on the victim's computer; attackers need only place themselves between the victim and the web server e.